Life through Death: Goth Faves

I’ve been writing all our gaming columns thus far, but expect that to change shortly! While Nixie is away at a local Sci-Fi Convention, CyphaCon, I’ll be writing this week’s Lifestyle column. She started this off by writing about her favorite Lush products, but since I’m not super into bath products, I’ll be writing about the products that give me life through death – brands that make my blackened Goth heart flutter on bat wings.

Full disclaimer: While I am linking to these sites, I am in no way affiliated with the companies. In addition, none of them are sponsoring this post (although I wouldn’t mind if they did). So, put on your favorite Siouxsie and the Banshees cassette, grab your black coffee, and let’s talk about some clothes, some perfume, and some candles!


KILLSTAR.  “Established 2010 – Fashion & Lifestyle brand with a twist of darkness,

Killstar Ouija Crop
This is me wearing Killstar’s Ouija Crop Top

channeling emotional power and raw energy into every thread.” So they state on their website. Their women’s clothing offers a mix of Victorian Goth elegance (lots of lovely black lace and corset lacing!!!), rocker edginess, and occult-inspired flare. They also have fun accessories like coffee mugs, water glasses, phone cases, gorgeous purses, and some jewelry (the silver ankh set you see me wear all over my Instagram is theirs). They are pricey, but I’ve never had a problem with their clothing being poorly constructed. Their style matches the various nuances of my personality, and I’ve found their customer service to be on point. If you scan through my Instagram, you’re likely to see me wearing their clothing frequently.

Too Fast Creature of the Night CropTOO FAST. I’ve only recently discovered Too Fast, and I’ve fallen in love with the casual goth aesthetic they offer. They’re a bit more affordable than Killstar, but the quality of the clothing that I’ve purchased hasn’t suffered. I’m a huge fan of their “witchy cape” crop tops, as you can see from the image to the left. This is one of my go-to casual tops, because it pairs nicely with both jeans and skirts. And that, to me at least, is the vibe I get from their clothing. And I have to say this: the fabric is super soft!


RESTYLE. Restyle is a Polish company, so keep that in mind if you live in the US like me – orders take about 2-3 weeks to arrive. Like Killstar, they are a fairly expensive clothing Image taken from Restyle.plline, but, again, I have to praise the quality of their products. I’ve bought more expensive “designer” brands, and I’ve found myself having to reinforce the buttons and stitching on products before I could wear them for a full day. Restyle, on the other hand, is a company with which I’ve had no such problems. My biggest complaint is that their clothing tends to require dry cleaning and ironing, so it’s not something I can just grab out of my closet at the last minute. N.B. The image to the right is from their website. The Luna Blouse is my favorite piece of theirs, but, currently, it’s at the cleaners.

All in all, these aren’t the cheapest ways to dress Goth, but, in a later column, I will discuss “Goth on a budget” as well as “Goth at the Office” fashion choices.


BLACK PHOENIX ALCHEMY LAB. “Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab specializes in formulating intriguing, compelling body and household blends with a dark, romantic, and sexual tone. Our scents run the aesthetic gamut of romance era, Renaissance, Medieval and Victorian formulas, pagan and mythological blends, and horror / Gothic-themed scents.” Their own words best encapsulate what they do – make really awesome and unique scents for body and bath. All theirs scents are designed to be gender neutral; although, some have notes that are more feminine or masculine than others. I’ve been a customer of theirs since their early years, and I love their scents, their variety, the fact that they abhor animal testing (most of their scents are vegan), and have scents that I find empowering and calming, often at the same time.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Scent Sample
A small sampling of my BPAL scents.


Elvira's Black Roses PerfumeELVIRA’S BLACK ROSES. Who doesn’t need a bit more Mistress of the Dark in their life? Elvira is an icon, and Cassandra Peterson is even more amazing. Knowing that I feel this way, Nixie bought me a three-scent sampler pack of her perfume line by Demeter: Zombie, Vamp, and Black Roses. All three are great scents, but the Black Roses, a scent where the earthiness of patchouli, vetiver, and amber cut the floral scent is easily my favorite. There’s a fourth, Sexy Witch, that I haven’t tried yet. I guess you could say that my black “heart’s on fire…for Elvira!” Also, the prices on these perfumes aren’t bad compared to some of the others that I’ve bought over the past year trying to find a good, Gothy scent.


DARK CANDLES. So, what Gothic home wouldn’t be complete without scented candles? I’m the type of girl who prefers scented candles to flowers or bath products. I love having candles burning while I read, grade, game, write, and even DM my Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. And while I have several favorite brands, including Legendary Candles and Get Fictional, Dark Candles is really my personal favorite purveyor of scented candles. I’ve got “Falling Leaves” burning in my office right now to remind me of the glorious days of autumn (in places that have one, as opposed to Louisiana). These candles not only smell great, but I find that they have a nice, long burn time. They come in a variety of sizes from tea lights to massive jars. Dark Candles also offers diffuser scents, which they provide samples of with every order.

Dark Candles, Goth, Candles, Graveyard, Halloween
My most recent Dark Candles purchase


I could ramble on about the plethora of brands and products that I love, but these are just a few of the brands to which I am extremely loyal. I talk these brands up to people I know and to people who, occasionally, stop me on the street or in the mall to ask about what I’m wearing. I didn’t include any makeup, but that’s because that will be its own post – my favorite makeup products that will include both designer and drugstore options.

So, what are your favorite brands of clothing, perfume, and candles? I’m always up to find new favorites!